Concealed Thermostatic Shower Valve Advantages

Concealed thermostatic shower valve has the capability to automatically control and adjust the temperature of your shower. It provides a large number of advantages as compared to traditional shower because bathers can adjust the temperature without using any handle and can save them from hotness of water.

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It adjusts the water supply on the base of its usage and regulates the temperature of water. It has a built-in thermometer that constantly performs monitoring service to check that water is in balanced temperature. It realize that the hotness of water increasing as set by the user and allows the more cold water to mix in hot water by using concealed thermostatic shower.

Concealed thermostatic shower valve does his job in the same way as a pressure valve does. There is only a difference in controlling mechanism to prevent from scalding by exerts over the temperature. It includes the thermostat that acts like a regulator to hold the temperature within plus and minus degree as it is set by the user.

The installation of concealed thermostatic shower valve is very simple just like the installation of taps however it is installed on wall rather than on tub. The main functionality of this is that there is no need to use electricity to mix the hot & cold water just the cylinder only. If you want to get successful results from shower then it is necessary that there must be a large level of hot water stored.

You can install concealed thermostatic shower only, if you discover the pressure of water in the system has maximum pressure 5 bars or a minimum pressure is 1 bar. If the water pressures above than 5 bars then there is a need to install the pressure reducing valve in main supply pipe at 3 bar static for optimum results.

Aside from their capability of regulating the temperature of water concealed thermostatic shower valve also performs many thermostatic designs that add a striking visual appeal in the bathing area. Normally thermostatic shower is designed in the base of valve that automatically handles heat of water and turns the shower on and off to perform the balancing service.

The installation process of concealed thermostatic shower valve is very simple you can easily install it if you have these tools and metrical like Shut-off valves, Plastic and copper connections (tees and elbows), Plastic and copper, Connecting shower head pipe (15mm), Spirit Level, Tile Drill, Adjustable wrench, Dust sheets, Tape measure, and Pipe cutters  Pencil.


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